Claims Form

Claim Form: Download

Scheme Supervisor Approvals

Certification of Delay for Claims Period: Download Certification of Delay Batch 2: Download Certification of Delay - Appeal Responses: Download Certification of Delay - Appeal Responses Updated 10 Aug: Download Certification of Delay Batch 3: Download Certification of Extension to Appeals Window: Download

Scheme Documents

Scheme Document: Download Sealed Sanction Order: Download Explanatory Statement: Download Implementation and Funding Deed: Download Early Termination Trust Agreement: Download Deed of Amendment to the Deed Poll: Download Scheme Supervisor's Deed of Undertaking: Download Parent Deed of Undertaking: Download Scheme Adjudicator Undertaking Deed: Download Chair's Report of the Scheme Meeting: Download Sanction Court Judgment: Download Release Agreement: Download Meeting Advertisement: Download Purchased Loans: Download Deed Poll: Download VREQ Trust Agreement: Download

Historic Scheme Documents

Court Convening Order: Download Convening Court Judgment: Download Scheme of Arrangement video script: Download How do I vote video script: Download Scheme of Arrangement Slide Script: Download Customer Committee Script: Download Customer Committee report: Download Customer advocate report: Download Practice Statement letter - Short: Download Practice Statement Letter: Download